temperature kettle

Green Tea being poured

May Passion

I’m so pleased with my latest gadget. But first I want to tell you about one of my many passions, tea.

But not tea with milk and sugar, black teas, white teas and every other color tea in between. But my favorites are Janine and oolong teas. Very subtly flavored, very refreshing and I recently found out, very healthy too.

Brewing Tea

But an important part of these teas, is in the brewing. I used to just pour boiling water into a cup of tea leaves or a small pot. Let the tea brew for a few minutes, then drink.

But I’ve since found out the boiling water is not always ideal for making hot drinks like tea, coffee or even hot fruit drinks.

Pouring boiling water into a cold cup or tea pot will cause the temperature to drop slightly as some of the heat it’s lost warning the cup/pot.

Temperature Control Kettle

Back to my latest gadget, a kettle with a built in thermometer. Simple – takes all the guess work out and you ensure that the water is heated to the temperature you set. Like the ones here best variable temperature kettles

Even better than just heating the water to the desired temperature, they also have a function that keeps the water at that temperature. Mine keeps the water at that temperature for up to 15 minutes.

Blue and Gold Teapot

Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

So what I do is pour some water into a cup or pot first. Leave it a few minutes. Pour the water away. Then make my tea in a nice warm cup or pot. With water that’s sitting at the correct temperature.

The Perfect Cuppa

Verdict – It’s all in the Taste

The result is a perfect cup of tea. But does the tea taste better – Yes. Before I’d make tea which was okay and that was very nice. The difference was most likely the temperature of the water. Well now the tea is consistently excellent and I know I getting the maximum health benefits too.