Masonic Cufflinks

My brother – The Freemason

Freemason all seeing eye
All seeing eye

My brother, Tom, is a member of a freemason lodge. What goes on there I don’t know, it’s a secret. And I don’t really care anyway. But my brother loves it and he belongs to the same lodge that my late father was also a member of for many years.

When I’ve spoken to my bother and asked him what goes on, he’s vague and doesn’t say much, he can’t. All freemasons are sworn to secrecy – I new that from my father. In fact I know more about freemasonry from my late father than I do from my brother.

The Ritual

The way my father explained it to me made sense. I know that they all gather for an arcane ritual, passed down through the ages. And that each mason has a task to perform. It is a bit like the UK house of Commons where there is lots of ritual that gets performed but its function is hidden in a bygone age, which no one fully understanf=ds anymore.

He made a comment recently, that he had shirts with buttonless cuffs, with which he likes to wear with cufflinks. He would like to wear this type of shirt to his lodge but didn’t have the right cufflinks to go with them.

Cufflinks for a Freemason


Because his birthday is due, I thought I’d buy him a pair of masonic cufflinks as a gift. But I didn’t know what to get or where to buy them. Luckily I stumbled on this site for masonic cufflinks and they make it so easy. It was a no brainer after that, I just ordered a pair that had the “compass and square” design. I new from my father that this was the symbol of the Craft – the order he belongs to.

Happy with the Cufflinks


He was most grateful when he saw what I had bought. He belongs to other orders as well and I’d seen a section in my travels on the same website other Freemason orders cufflinks. So I passed these details onto him.

Masonic Cufflinks seem quite reasonably priced to me. They look good too. If you don’t know anything about masonry you would never know what the symbols mean but other masons would spot that you too belong to the craft.

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