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The new iPhones models now come with wireless charging built in. That’s great news if you’re about to upgrade to the latest model but what if you’re like me and you have a perfect, one generation old iPhone, model 7 plus and I tend to keep my old iPhone for a while yet. But when I do upgrade, I’ll pass my current iphone on to one of my siblings.

My husband has an Android phone, a Motorola, I’m not sure which model he has but it’s quite new. He has these wireless charging pads all over the house, in various rooms and at his office, there’s one on the desk next to his personal computer.

I’ve watched with envy as he grabs his phone from a charging pad, and it’s always charged. Or more correctly always topped up, which can mean the difference to the cell phone dying as it runs out on power or getting through to the next charge with plenty of power to spare.

All iphones can be charged wirelessly

Well I found this site iphone wireless charging and for a small outlay, you can convert your iPhone, whatever the model, into a wireless charging iphone.

iphone being usedIt’s so simple it only takes seconds to do. You just plug the induction charger into the phone’s charging slot. Then bend over the induction plate, which sticks to the back of your iphone. That’s it. The induction plate is what charges the phone when it’s sits on a charging pad.

Wireless charging iphone for the rest of us

Better still, but unbeknown to my husband, is that we can use the same charging pads for both of our Phones. He will see this as taking a liberty as he sees all these charging pads, all over the house, as his personal items.

I know I’ll have to get more but the good news is that these charging pads aren’t too expensive. So a few more won’t break the bank.

I’m not sure our children will appreciate the convenience but I sure they will. And it’ll put to an end the constant search for charging cables that plagues my household.

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