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When selling a house it’s important to show your house at its best. Your house should be close to a show home type property so that you maximise your chance of getting the price you want.

It’s amazing that our homes, over time, move away from an ideal show home standard. And slowly we become blind to what other people see and the impressions they have. After all home is home and that’s the problem. Old worn out furniture, chipped paint, scratches and pet smells all work against the sale. But we don’t notice these in our own homes.

Appealing to the Buyer

You would think that a buyer would see your house’s potential and ignore all the clutter. But alas that’s not what happens and it’s been shown time and time again that by refreshing your property before a sale that your make it easier and faster to sell.

Now you can do this yourself and it doesn’t have to be expensive but you need you get this right. You’re not doing this makeover of your property to satisfy your own personal taste. You’re doing the makeover to sell your property and it’s a skill best left to the professionals.

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A good example, here in London is an interior design company called Kenza Design you can find them here interior design London. They will prepare your house for sale, by removing the clutter and dressing existing rooms to establish a strong bond with the buyer. They’ll only recommend decorating or investing in new furniture where absolutely necessary. And remember, anything you buy for your current house can be taken with you into your new house.

There are some very simple rules to increasing the potential for selling your house at your asking price. Ideally you want buyers climbing over one and other to buy your house. You don’t want people viewing and leaving uninspired and undercutting you’re asking price.

So take our advice and use a professional service to get the job done quickly.

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