88 key digital piano

playing keyboardLearning to Play Piano

My two daughters are learning to play the piano. The have lessons once a week, one hour each and are encouraged to practice when they have spare time. I remove the usual distractions iPad’s, cell phones and our TV is under strict control.

Nothing wrong with these pursuits but I do feel tend to takeover if left unchecked and are ways to do nothing. The great time wasters of our age. So I channel their energy into something that’s going to stretch them and give them a musical background. Which will last a lifetime and hopefully will help them mentally at school and with their homework.

I needed an 88 key digital piano

So task one was to get an 88 key keyboard so that they could practice at home. We don’t have room for a large piano so a piano keyboard was the way to go. Like the ones here keyboardpiano88keys.com

Electronic piano keyboards Are remarkably good these days, they sound and behave just like the real thing. Except they’re both smaller and can be packed away when not in use.

Another feature, which I like as well, it’s the headphone jack. It means whoever is playing can play without disturbing the rest us. My partner works night shifts so we have to try and be a quite as we can during the day. So the ability to play through headphones is a godsend, it really is.

keyboard closeupMaking Music Together

Both girls are progressing rapidly with their piano lessons and have really taken to the piano. Switching between a real piano and our 88 key keyboard is relatively easy for them as the keyboard mimics the real instrument so well.

Learning to play Music helps Cognitive Skills

So the electronic keyboard was definitely a worth while investment and their school grades are improving too. Are the school grades improving because of the the piano lessons?
That’s hard to say but I like to think so.

I think learning to play any musical instrument improves their concentration. It uses different regions of the brain so that has to be good a good thing. Learning to play Learning to play online

Grand PianoFinally

Should there come a time when we don’t need the keyboard anymore. I understand that we can sell it on eBay and get a pretty good price for it as a second hand item. Which it’s good to know we’d get something back at a future date.

How to sell your old 88 key keyboard