soft water system

Our Installation

Let me tell you what a difference soft water has made to our household and to our day to day lives, since we installed a “water softener system” to the domestic supply.

The Good Things

fluffy towelsTowels – These start of all nice and fluffy and soft to the touch. But after a year or so, they would start to become coarse and feel rough on the skin. This only gets worse as the months and years went by. And it’s too expensive to keep replacing them every few months. I live with a family of six, that’s a lot of towels.

Well I replaced them all, once we had our new “water softening system” installed, this was about a year ago, as I said earlier. The result is that those new (newish) towels are still soft and fluffy and I’ve every confidence that they’ll remain so.

washing hands with soapSkin – Soft water has another huge benefit when it comes to washing. The water feels better somehow and you really notice the difference when you go somewhere that still has hard water.

When you wash, the soap gets soapier – not sure if that’s a real word but you know what I mean. And you feel cleaner. The water is wetter and the nice soft towels sponge the water off the skin so you feel drier after a bath our a shower.

Hair – this is where I noticed a big change. My hair always felt a little rough before and slightly tangled. And in the mornings it would stick out in different directions. Not any more. My hair is bouncy and soft and feels incredibly clean. I get a buzz just touching it nowadays.

Savings – we’re using a lot less soap, shower gels, shampoos, than we did before. Because the water is soft you don’t need as much. I reckon we as a family we are using about half the amount we used to use.

More Info

This is a good resource if you want to know more hard& Soft and this is a good site if you’ve made the decision to get a home water softener get one here.

What’s not to like about soft water?