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The new iPhones models now come with wireless charging built in. That’s great news if you’re about to upgrade to the latest model but what if you’re like me and you have a perfect, one generation old iPhone, model 7 plus and I tend to keep my old iPhone for a while yet. But when I do upgrade, I’ll pass my current iphone on to one of my siblings.

My husband has an Android phone, a Motorola, I’m not sure which model he has but it’s quite new. He has these wireless charging pads all over the house, in various rooms and at his office, there’s one on the desk next to his personal computer.

I’ve watched with envy as he grabs his phone from a charging pad, and it’s always charged. Or more correctly always topped up, which can mean the difference to the cell phone dying as it runs out on power or getting through to the next charge with plenty of power to spare.

All iphones can be charged wirelessly

Well I found this site iphone wireless charging and for a small outlay, you can convert your iPhone, whatever the model, into a wireless charging iphone.

iphone being usedIt’s so simple it only takes seconds to do. You just plug the induction charger into the phone’s charging slot. Then bend over the induction plate, which sticks to the back of your iphone. That’s it. The induction plate is what charges the phone when it’s sits on a charging pad.

Wireless charging iphone for the rest of us

Better still, but unbeknown to my husband, is that we can use the same charging pads for both of our Phones. He will see this as taking a liberty as he sees all these charging pads, all over the house, as his personal items.

I know I’ll have to get more but the good news is that these charging pads aren’t too expensive. So a few more won’t break the bank.

I’m not sure our children will appreciate the convenience but I sure they will. And it’ll put to an end the constant search for charging cables that plagues my household.

iphone basics

The iphone range

History of the iphone

88 key digital piano

playing keyboardLearning to Play Piano

My two daughters are learning to play the piano. The have lessons once a week, one hour each and are encouraged to practice when they have spare time. I remove the usual distractions iPad’s, cell phones and our TV is under strict control.

Nothing wrong with these pursuits but I do feel tend to takeover if left unchecked and are ways to do nothing. The great time wasters of our age. So I channel their energy into something that’s going to stretch them and give them a musical background. Which will last a lifetime and hopefully will help them mentally at school and with their homework.

I needed an 88 key digital piano

So task one was to get an 88 key keyboard so that they could practice at home. We don’t have room for a large piano so a piano keyboard was the way to go. Like the ones here keyboardpiano88keys.com

Electronic piano keyboards Are remarkably good these days, they sound and behave just like the real thing. Except they’re both smaller and can be packed away when not in use.

Another feature, which I like as well, it’s the headphone jack. It means whoever is playing can play without disturbing the rest us. My partner works night shifts so we have to try and be a quite as we can during the day. So the ability to play through headphones is a godsend, it really is.

keyboard closeupMaking Music Together

Both girls are progressing rapidly with their piano lessons and have really taken to the piano. Switching between a real piano and our 88 key keyboard is relatively easy for them as the keyboard mimics the real instrument so well.

Learning to play Music helps Cognitive Skills

So the electronic keyboard was definitely a worth while investment and their school grades are improving too. Are the school grades improving because of the the piano lessons?
That’s hard to say but I like to think so.

I think learning to play any musical instrument improves their concentration. It uses different regions of the brain so that has to be good a good thing. Learning to play Learning to play online

Grand PianoFinally

Should there come a time when we don’t need the keyboard anymore. I understand that we can sell it on eBay and get a pretty good price for it as a second hand item. Which it’s good to know we’d get something back at a future date.

How to sell your old 88 key keyboard

temperature kettle

Green Tea being poured

May Passion

I’m so pleased with my latest gadget. But first I want to tell you about one of my many passions, tea.

But not tea with milk and sugar, black teas, white teas and every other color tea in between. But my favorites are Janine and oolong teas. Very subtly flavored, very refreshing and I recently found out, very healthy too.

Brewing Tea

But an important part of these teas, is in the brewing. I used to just pour boiling water into a cup of tea leaves or a small pot. Let the tea brew for a few minutes, then drink.

But I’ve since found out the boiling water is not always ideal for making hot drinks like tea, coffee or even hot fruit drinks.

Pouring boiling water into a cold cup or tea pot will cause the temperature to drop slightly as some of the heat it’s lost warning the cup/pot.

Temperature Control Kettle

Back to my latest gadget, a kettle with a built in thermometer. Simple – takes all the guess work out and you ensure that the water is heated to the temperature you set. Like the ones here best variable temperature kettles

Even better than just heating the water to the desired temperature, they also have a function that keeps the water at that temperature. Mine keeps the water at that temperature for up to 15 minutes.

Blue and Gold Teapot

Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

So what I do is pour some water into a cup or pot first. Leave it a few minutes. Pour the water away. Then make my tea in a nice warm cup or pot. With water that’s sitting at the correct temperature.

The Perfect Cuppa

Verdict – It’s all in the Taste

The result is a perfect cup of tea. But does the tea taste better – Yes. Before I’d make tea which was okay and that was very nice. The difference was most likely the temperature of the water. Well now the tea is consistently excellent and I know I getting the maximum health benefits too.

soft water system

Our Installation

Let me tell you what a difference soft water has made to our household and to our day to day lives, since we installed a “water softener system” to the domestic supply.

The Good Things

fluffy towelsTowels – These start of all nice and fluffy and soft to the touch. But after a year or so, they would start to become coarse and feel rough on the skin. This only gets worse as the months and years went by. And it’s too expensive to keep replacing them every few months. I live with a family of six, that’s a lot of towels.

Well I replaced them all, once we had our new “water softening system” installed, this was about a year ago, as I said earlier. The result is that those new (newish) towels are still soft and fluffy and I’ve every confidence that they’ll remain so.

washing hands with soapSkin – Soft water has another huge benefit when it comes to washing. The water feels better somehow and you really notice the difference when you go somewhere that still has hard water.

When you wash, the soap gets soapier – not sure if that’s a real word but you know what I mean. And you feel cleaner. The water is wetter and the nice soft towels sponge the water off the skin so you feel drier after a bath our a shower.

Hair – this is where I noticed a big change. My hair always felt a little rough before and slightly tangled. And in the mornings it would stick out in different directions. Not any more. My hair is bouncy and soft and feels incredibly clean. I get a buzz just touching it nowadays.

Savings – we’re using a lot less soap, shower gels, shampoos, than we did before. Because the water is soft you don’t need as much. I reckon we as a family we are using about half the amount we used to use.

More Info

This is a good resource if you want to know more hard& Soft and this is a good site if you’ve made the decision to get a home water softener get one here.

What’s not to like about soft water?

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